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Purchase of PV system without energy storage in AMES s.r.o.

AMES, s. r. o., which provides logistics services to companies in the mechanical and electrical engineering industry, has long pursued the goal of leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint in connection with its business activities. For these reasons, it decided to implement a project called Acquisition of a PV system without energy accumulation in AMES, s. r. o. in its premises located in Sedlnice 534, 742 56.

Programme name: Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness

Energy Savings Call II - Activity: Photovoltaic systems with/without storage for own consumption

Project name: Acquisition of a 60 kWp PV system at Sedlnice 534, 742 56 Sedlnice for AMES s.r.o.

Name of the applicant: AMES s. r. o.
Date of implementation: 10.3.2018 - 31.12.2019
Eligible expenditure: CZK 745 171,67
Subsidy: CZK 521 620,16

Project description:
The intention of the project was to acquire innovative technologies using renewable energy sources, namely a photovoltaic system for the applicant's own consumption. Due to the proposed installed capacity of 60 kwP, 200 PV panels of 300 Wp were purchased. Energy storage was not part of the project.

Photographs of the implemented project: