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About us

AMES s.r.o. has been operating on the industrial packaging market for more than 25 years. Our team of 18 packaging engineers are ready to custom design packaging solutions for overseas packaging of engineering or electrical products. We can manufacture wooden crates or pallets to your exact requirements: In our 3D design software, we can design packaging for small size and weight products, packaging for serial products to packaging for oversized products weighing over 100 tons.

We are properly insured up to 50,000,000 CZK for everything and guarantee trouble-free delivery to your customer, whether they are in Germany or New Zealand. With our outbound teams and 28 assembly vehicles, we are able to pack the product or deliver the packaging to your site within 24 hours of ordering. If you don't have sufficient space for your dispatch, you can use one of our 25,000 m2 warehouse facilities with up to 150 tonne cranes in the Czech Republic, Moravia and Slovakia to pack your products or store packed and unpacked goods.

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25 years of industry experience, 18 packaging technicians, 25,000 m2 of warehouse space for your products
Branch AMES Sedlnice
Sedlnice 534
742 56 Sedlnice
Branch AMES Pilsen
Dýšina 297
330 02 Dýšina
Vratimovská 151a
719 00 Ostrava – Kunčice
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